In this article, according to the Atomic Design methodology, I explain ‘Why’ we should and ‘How’ we can mirror UI design patterns for RTL language products.

Description: An atom  mirrored from Atomic design methodology; with two mirrored arrows: one arrow from left to right mirrored right to left, another arrow from up-left to right-down mirrored up-right to left-down. Two texts under each atom: one ‘ATOMS’ written in English, another ‘ذرات’ written in Arabic (means ‘atoms’)

Like many of you, when designing RTL language user interfaces, I encountered the problem of recognizing the best direction for UI patterns. At the…

It’s not probably the first article you read about the difference between UI and UX, but I’m trying to make it the last one.

What is the difference?

If you came here to hear a sentence and leave, this is enough for you:

The difference between UI and UX is in their nature. UI…

Iman Ghasemian

UX/UI Designer

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